Frequently Asked Questions

Top Callgirl is a referral service only. Top Callgirl Incorporated agrees to introduce two or more consenting adults for the sole purpose of companionship. In no way, shape or form does Top Call girl consent to or have knowledge of any illegal activity. The exchange of money is only for time and discreet companionship. Anything other than this is by personal choice between adults of legal age and is not allowed by anyone through Top Gallgirl Escorts

professional escorts?

Are the Top CallGirl escorts professional escorts? No! All our ladies are either students or have other occupations and view their position as an elite escort as a small, lucrative and exciting adventure.

Can I contact the escort directly?

No! Our ladies prefer the support of the agency. Top Call Girl Elites does not arrange or represent independent escorts that can be contacted by the clients. The agency makes all the necessary arrangements. Escorts choose the agency to avoid the need for contact prior to and after the meeting, just like you. Furthermore the lady doesn't want to haggle over financial matters. That is another reason why she prefers taking advantage of our office service. She would rather just appear at the appointed hour. In order not to spoil the atmosphere with financial considerations, we suggest our clients handle all such matters directly with the agency. Our Escorts complain far too often that they feel offended and bothered by persistent demands for their private number and/or e-mail address. There are even some clients who take offense if the Escort does not conform to this demand. For those clients who do not like to book via an agency, we suggest booking an Independent Escort, as simple as that.


Yes you can, as long as the escort of your choice has no other prior bookings then there is no reason why you cannot extend even up until 30 minutes before your booking time is due to end with your chosen escort.

When should I book my escort? The sooner the better. We recommend at least 2 - 3 hours in advance, additional advance booking might be needed if outside the escort's immediate service area to account for extra travel time. Some escorts require a mandatory 24hr notice. However, we would be pleased to try and book at the last minute whenever possible.

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